Kevin_WELCOMEI believe that church should be meaningful and relevant—the most engaging hour of the week.

I also believe that the best church gatherings are captivating, authentic, creative, and life-changing. In telling the story of the first church service ever, the Bible says that the participants were "filled with a sense of awe."

...not 'Aw, is she still singing?!' or 'Aw, is he still speaking?' ... but AWE!

Awe happens when God moves.

At Friends Church we desire to create transcendent moments of awe that will be the catalyst for deep transformation. Each weekend we strive to help those in attendance understand God, the Bible, and themselves better.

I am passionate about the life-changing power of a church community because I've experienced it. While attending Cedarville University I experienced a church that gave deeply to their community, expecting nothing in return. While in Texas working my way through school at Dallas Seminary, I experienced a church that was passionate about helping people know Jesus better. While in Alabama I found a church that was willing to use any tool at their disposal to reach the unchurched.

These experiences ignited a desire within me to be a part of helping the local church realize its potential to change the world.

Today, I am blessed to have an amazing partner in life and ministry, Sally, and four awesome kids alongside us: Libbie, Lucy, Harris, and Matthew.


I hope to see you soon here at Friends,

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Pastor Kevin Young

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