Kevin_WELCOMEI believe that church should be meaningful and relevant—the most exciting hour of the week. I dream of church services that are captivating, creative, and fun. My personal mission is to communicate truth in ways that create surprise and, in turn, a desire to live better... be better.

I am passionate about church because God is passionate about church. In telling the story of the first church service ever, the Bible says that the participants were "filled with a sense of awe."  Not 'Aw, is she still singing?!' or 'Aw, is he still speaking?' ... but AWE!

Here at Friends Church, we desire to create moments of transendance and transformation. Won't you join us?

Trust me. I know about boring, irrelevant church. Hailing from the cornfields of Indiana, my early years are filled with memories of family and church, but mostly church. My father was a deacon, teaching Sunday School for decades. My mom was the church secretary. Me? I was the kid always running in the halls.

As I got older I noticed that my home church wasn't too concerned about making new people feel welcome. That fact, combined with a general lack of concern for showing love to others unlike us, formed a passion within me to do church differently.

After graduating from Cedarville University with majors in biblical studies and media communications, I moved to Texas to pursue a Masters in Church Educational Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary. While in Texas I served at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano. Later, a move to Birmingham, Alabama and Mountaintop Community Church resulted in great ministry and, more importantly, it was there that I met my wife, Sally.

The last several years have brought much joy—and children—into both of our lives.  Libbie, Lucy, and Harris never cease to bless or entertain.

Now, I see God using my unique experience and training to share his truth in ways and places I never imagined possible. I am committed to transforming my world by helping others (re)connect to biblical truth and the triune God, using the most effective contemporary and traditional methods, communicating in ways that hit between the eyes and spear the heart.

I look forward to meeting you soon,

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Pastor Kevin Young

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