What is P.R.A.Y. Scripture

Here at Friends Church, we have a common bond around a method of Bible reading and listening prayer known as P.R.A.Y. Scripture. It came about in early 2020 as we united in a church-wide study reading through the Gospel of John based on the book P.R.A.Y. Scripture written by Stan Hinshaw, Lead Pastor of Canton First Friends Church. Although this method is personal for each individual, the rich depth comes through sharing together in small group settings. Most easily applied to short passages of Scripture, this simple pattern is designed to slow us down and learn how to listen and yield to God’s voice.


Pray. Take a few minutes in prayer to quiet your mind and heart and invite God to speak to you through His Word.


Read. Read the biblical passage slowly and reflectively. Pay attention to any words or phrases that stand out to you. Read the passage a second or third time, perhaps in another translation. Take your time with the reading.


Ask. Ask God about the words or phrases that stand out to you. Or ask Him these helpful questions:

Does this passage teach me something about WHO God is that gives me reasons to LOVE Him and know Him more?

Does this passage teach me WHAT I am to do to LIVE in loving obedience to Him with my thoughts, attitudes, and actions?

Does this passage teach me something about HOW I can LEAD others to love Jesus and live for Him?


Yield. Take a few minutes of quiet listening, expecting that God will speak to your heart and mind what He wants you to know or do. Write down your response to what He is saying and how you will yield to Him.

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