Church at Home – Christmas Week 3, December, 20 2020

This is the third week of our Church at Home Christmas series to teach the kids about the true meaning of Christmas – the Birth of Jesus. Today’s lesson is “The Shepherds in the Field” and tells us that God’s news brings us great joy.

1)  Worship

Early Childhood


Enjoy “Jesus Savior of the World” by Newspring Worship
Sing “This Little Light of Mine”

Learn “Oh What a Glorious Night” by Kingdome Kinds Embassy
Move to Chapelhill Kids “Feelin’ Like Christmas”

2)   Watch the Bible Video

Early Childhood Bible Video:

(For our little ones with shorter attention spans, consider fast-forwarding to 3:58 on the video to watch just the cartoon bible story.)

Elementary Bible Video:

(Fast forward to 3:20 to watch just the cartoon bible story.)

3)  Talk It Over

Hey parents! This week your child learned that they learned that God’s news about Jesus bring us great joy. They heard the Bible story about The Shepherds in the Field, too!  We recommend you use them as a guide to talk about this week’s lesson after they’ve watched the video service!

The Talk It Over questions for this Christmas series are on the second page of both the Early Childhood and Elementary Coloring Pages below.

4)  Engagement Tools

Want to engage with the Bible story further at home with your child? Check out these printable resources that all build on the story in the video that will remind your child to trust in the powerful God who loves them.

Early Childhood Tools:Coloring Page >Ornament Instructions >Ornament #3 >
Elementary Tools:Coloring Page >Word Search>Maze >