Christmas Eve Art

We hope that you enjoyed our online Christmas Eve service. One of the highlights of the service was a digital painting produced by one of our own young adults, Callie Peders. We wanted to introduce you to this young gifted artist who has made her work available to you to download and enjoy this Christmas season!

“Hi, I’m Callista Peders, better known by most as Callie! I grew up at Willoughby Hills Friends and I’ve recently come back after I spent five years in Colorado getting my degree in Graphic Design. I’m passionate about college ministry and I work with InterVarsity’s Art Ministry at the Cleveland Institute of Art, as well as with Friends’ own Young Adults group. This image has a lot of meaning for me as an artist and a Christian. Growing up, my interest in digital art seemed at odds with the church and with Christ. When making this piece I was able to feel the confirmation of who I am in art and who Christ is to me. My journey of letting Christ into my art, even when I thought he would be the least interested in my “non-classical” style, is where I find joy in Christmas. Christ was always interested in my art, when I thought he wanted nothing to do with it. In some ways this is my identification with Christ, giving back to him with the skill and grace that he had gifted me.”

Make sure to download and share Callie’s artwork! We hope that you were blessed by the Christmas Eve service and all of the wonderful contributions from members of Friends Church. 

*To download, right click on the image and select “save image”.