“I discovered a new class” – a testimony

I have always enjoyed participating in Christian Education at WHFC. A few years ago I discovered a new class that really piqued my interest, the Bridge Ministry. I am interested in the social justice aspect of Jesus’ ministry and I felt that this ministry would be an avenue for me to get involved. I have been exposed to books in this class that would not normally be in my purview – ones that reflected the injustices to specific classes within our population. Each of these books were supported with strong references to the Bible. The class participants are varied which leads to vibrant and deep discussions that have an impact on how we treat others. The class also led me to be involved in a church wide group that wants to help the church become committed to racial reconciliation. It will be wonderful to start meeting again in person when this COVID issue has subsided. I look forward to that day. Sharing the love of Jesus in person will be so fulfilling.