New This Week: Connection Point

For those of you joining us in person, we welcome you this Sunday to Connection Point in the church café at 10:30am. This short time of sharing and fellowship will take place between our two Sunday morning services as a way to RECONNECT, which is our current message series, and it will continue for the next 5 weeks.

When you arrive, our attendants will be happy to hand you a cup of coffee as you head over to the serving table and grab some breakfast snacks. If you’d like to greet those around you, we’d ask that you keep your mask on and stay physically distant. But if you’d like to grab your seat and enjoy your coffee and snacks, that’s great too!

Each week at approximately 10:45am, a staff member or church leader will share a little about themselves, as well as a devotional thought. At around 10:55 the official program will conclude, giving just enough time for those of you attending the 11:00am service to walk down to our Worship Center.

This Sunday we welcome our new Children’s Ministries Director, Kellee Flatt to share with us at Connection Point.