What is Mastering Motherhood+?

Mastering Motherhood+ seeks to provide love, support, encouragement and friendship to women seeking to follow the Lord in the adventure of mothering. 

Whether you are a new mother, one who has seen their children off to college and having babies of their own, or someone who doesn’t have children but would enjoy a Thursday morning study with other women, you are welcome to attend.  

How does Mastering Motherhood+ (MM+) work?   We have a Kickoff Brunch at the beginning of each semester.  The Fall 2021 Kickoff Brunch will be on September 9, 2021. At this brunch, the small group leaders will have books available at tables for you to look through.  This will hopefully help narrow down which study you might want to do.  Each week after the Kickoff Brunch, the ladies come together as a large group for brunch and devotions then break off into small groups and study different books.