Make Children’s Check-In a Breeze!

You can now pre-check your children in prior to arrival
to allow for a quick and easy process.

Have you downloaded the Church Center app yet?
You can do so here:  Android iOS/Apple Web

Once you have the Church Center app, click on your initials or photo
on the top right which will take you into your account.

Here is where you can provide and/or update almost all of your information
to enable us to provide the best possible care for your children.

We ask that you upload a recent, unobstructed headshot for each household
member as this is a foundational piece we use in keeping your child safe.

Or If a household member requires updated information that you can’t
change in the Church Center app, you can use this Update Your Household Info form.

On this form, you can provide a corrected or missing birthdate or grade,
as well as inform us of a medical issue or allergy
that our teachers could encounter when caring for your child.

Once you are here at Church, we have Assisted Check-In stations
where we will also gladly assist you in updating your household information;
If you have other people authorized to pick up your child,
or those that are not allowed to pick them up,
simply provide this information at an Assisted Check-in station.

You are now ready to check in prior to your arrival!
Watch this short Pre-Check Your Family video to see how to do just that!