The Friends Church began in 17th century England, under the leadership of George Fox, a man who experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and his heart was filled with joy. From this experience, the central conviction of Friends was born as he shared the message of Jesus Christ with great hope and joy.   The number of Friends (also called Quakers) grew rapidly.

Before long, many came to the New World and soon there were thousands of Friends in America. In 1681, the colony of Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, a prominent English Quaker. Historians have labeled the Quaker Movement from 1650 to 1690 as the fastest-growing movement in the Western World.

As Friends moved across the country, some settled in Ohio. By 1812, the Friends in Ohio had united to form the Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends. In 1971, Ohio Yearly Meeting became known as the Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region (EFC-ER), of which Friends Church, Willoughby Hills actively participates. The EFC-ER participates with a larger group known as Friends Worldwide, Evangelical Friends International-North America (EFI-NA).  

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