Child Dedication

We join you in dedicating your child to the Lord

At Friends Church, rather than baptize babies and young children who are not yet mature enough to make a decision for Christ on their own, we hold a ceremony of dedication. Listed are some FAQ’s about child dedication.

Why should a child be dedicated to the Lord?

  • Parents can publicly affirm their desire to raise their children in a God-honoring way.
  • The church body can commit to supporting the parents’ decision by loving and protecting the family.
  • Jesus was dedicated by his parents, Mary and Joseph. (Luke 2:2240)

What is the meaning of child dedication?

  • Child dedication represents the parents’ desire for their child to one day know and understand the gospel so the child can make his/her own profession of faith through baptism.

Can we have godparents?

  • We ask that the parents present the child to God because it is their decision to have their child raised in a God-honoring way. Friends and family are welcome to join you on the platform as we pray for the parents and the child.

When are the dedications held?

  • Dedications are scheduled during a regular Sunday service.
  • Family and friends are encouraged to attend this very special service to support the decision of the parents.

Who can schedule a dedication at Friends Church?

Child dedications are reserved for children of members, regular attenders and Christ-followers who:

  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Desire to raise their child in a God-honoring way.
  • Are faithful in their weekly church attendance.
  • Are utilizing their time, talent, and finances to extend Christ’s Church.

What is the commitment of the parents?

  • To affirm their personal faith in Christ.
  • To pray often for the physical, mental, social, and spiritual welfare of their child.
  • To participate in the life of the church on a regular and consistent basis.
  • To model their love for God and His word in their home.
  • To look and pray for teachable moments when they may present the love of Christ to their child.
  • To receive the commitment of the members of the church to support the parents as they endeavor to raise their child in a God-honoring way.

How do I schedule a child’s dedication?

  • Pick up a form at Guest Services or contact us at and we will email a form to you.
  • Complete the child dedication form.
  • Return your completed form to the church office, and we will contact you to arrange a time for you to meet with the Lead Pastor to discuss your desire for a child dedication.

Is there anything else?

  • Parents can choose to have the officiating pastor share a biblical life verse to be read at the ceremony.
  • Parents may also request specific family members to be recognized at the service.

What if I have more questions?

  • Contact the church office at (440) 944-1026 to schedule a time to meet with a pastor.
  • Email us at with your questions.

“Mary and Joseph presented Jesus back to God in an act of dedication.”
— Luke 2:2240