No Children’s Classes beginning Sunday, October 18 Until Further Notice...
Cuyahoga County is now at OHIO Health advisory level 3 (red), which per our COVID-19 policy closes our Children’s Ministry classes. They will be reopen when both Lake and Cuyahoga Counties are at LEvel 2 or lower.

Parents and caregivers, we’re committed to providing resources for you as you lead your kids toward Jesus during this wild time. We are looking forward to reopening our classes for children (check out the details in this Reopening Letter to parents) as soon as both Lake and Cuyahoga counties are at an Ohio Health Advisory level of 2 or lower,  We will be offering  the following onsite classes initially (and look forward to expanding this list soon):

Kid’s Church Live for 1st - 3rd  Grades at 11:00 AM 

4th & 5th Grade Tweener Class at 11 AM

We will be building on the same Church at Home materials available below in these onsite classes.  If your child misses a week, they can stay caught up with the class. 

All other onsite classes are currently suspended due to Covid-19 BUT we look forward to opening them as soon as we can safely do so.  These are the Children's Ministries Transitional Pandemic Changes that are in place.  


1)  Intro Video

Hi Friends Church Families!  Begin HERE with a warm welcome from Miss Tammy and Miss Karen:

Coming Soon...

2)  Worship

Early Childhood Songs:
Elementary Songs:

Stand up and sing "This Little Light of Mine" by Cedarmont

"Every Move I Make" by CJ and Friends

Enjoy "My God is SO Big" by Amber Sky Records

Worship to "Change My Heart" by Lifeway Kids

3)   Watch the Bible Video

This is the first week of our new series on Acts from Saddleback Kids. Each week we'll discover the power of the Holy Spirt. Today's lesson is "God Sends His Holy Spirit" and illustrates that because of the power of the Holy Spirit, we can do much more than we could ever imagine.

 Early Childhood Bible Video:

(For our little ones with shorter attention spans, consider fast-forwarding to 11:10 on the video to watch just the cartoon story.)

 Elementary Bible Video:

(Fast forward to 3:19 on the video to watch just the cartoon story.)

4)  Talk It Over

Hey parents! This week your child learned that because of the power of the Holy Spirit, we can do much more than we could ever imagine.. They heard the Bible story from the book of Acts where God Sends the Holy Spirit, too!  Use these questions as a guide to talk about this week’s lesson after they’ve watched the video service!

       Early Childhood Talk It Over >                    Elementary Talk It Over >


5)  Engagement Tools

Want to engage with the Bible story further at home with your child? Check out these printable resources that all build on the story in the video that will remind your child to trust in the powerful God who loves them.

Early Childhood:        Holy Spirit Headband >       Coloring Page >          Connect the Dots >       Lab Experiment >       
Elementary :           Coloring Page >       Activity Sheet >        Word Search >       Balloon Static >         Memory Verse >