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We believe being part of a Christ-centered group is vital toward the growth of your faith.

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What is Group LIfe?

Group Life is the term we use to represent the many and varied groups offered to adults for the purpose of discipleship. A simple definition of discipleship is the journey of becoming a mature follower of Jesus Christ. Our aim is to help move you along that journey through a variety of group atmospheres, such as classes, fellowship gatherings, prayer groups, Bible studies, discussion-based groups, shared-experience, home groups, small circles and mentoring.

Some of our groups are ongoing and can become like family as we grow together spiritually and care for one another, while other groups may feel a bit more like a class and change each session. We offer new sessions throughout the year to allow for different types of studies and group experiences, giving you a chance to learn and grow through a variety of offerings and to hopefully find that one special group that feels like family.

Although our faith grows in different ways and at different paces, we aren’t meant to do it alone. That’s why we offer so many opportunities through Group Life to connect and grow alongside others in authentic community together.

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