We are pleased to continue providing you opportunities to join in Group Life during our Summer Session 2019.  Check out all we have to offer and join a group or a class. Unless otherwise noted, groups and classes begin Sunday, June 2.

Check out our smaller group gatherings that we hope will nourish your heart and life. We were never meant to journey alone!  May you be blessed by God as you grow alongside others in authentic community.

 So gather around and let's get growing!

 General Groups
Regular, consistent gatherings of people committed to journeying together in life and faith.  The purpose is to experience authentic community where you can grow and serve.

Classes for Learning and Equipping 
Studies offered in sessions throughout the year.  The purpose is to provide knowledge that equips and empowers you to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

 Groups with a Shared Experience
Meetings offered in sessions around a shared experience that you hold in common with others.  The purpose is to give space where you can receive encouragement and wisdom around a particular issue or theme. 

Circles match you with a mentor for a discipleship experience meant to ignite your faith and equip you into Christ-centeredness.  Your mentor will lead you through the book Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden, a 25 lesson curriculum designed for mentoring discipleship. This 8 month program concludes with the hope that you in turn will become a mentor for an upcoming "learner."