Parents and caregivers, we’re committed to providing resources for you as you lead your kids toward Jesus during this wild time. Each weekend watch our tailored video curriculum for your kids!  

Onsite classes are currently suspended due to Covid-19 BUT we look forward to opening them as soon as we can safely do so. 

1)  Intro Video

Hi Friends Church Families!  Begin HERE with a warm welcome from Miss Tammy!

2)  Worship

Early Childhood Songs:
Elementary Songs:

Sing along with Life Kids to the song, "God is With Us Now"

Worship kids to "My Lighthouse" Rend Co. Kids

Here is "Follow Me" by KidSpring Children's Ministry


"Praise Ye The Lord Hallelujah" with Listener Kids


3)   Watch the Bible Video

Enjoy week two of the new series on God's Good Plans from Saddleback Kids. Each week we'll discover God's love and plan for us. And YES, we can trust His plan no matter what!  Today's story is about Elijah.

Early Childhood BIBLE VIDEO:

(For our littler ones, fast forward to 6:52 on the video to watch just the cartoon story.)


Elementary BIBLE VIDEO:



4)  Talk It Over

Hey parents! This week your child learned that God has good plans for them. They heard the Bible story of Jehoshaphat, too!  Use these questions as a guide to talk about this week’s lesson after they’ve watched the video service!

       Early Childhood Talk It Over >                    Elementary Talk It Over >


5)  Engagement Tools

Want to engage with the Bible story further at home with your child? Check out these printable resources that all build on the story in the video that will remind your child to TRUST God even when things get scary or tough. 

Early Childhood:        Connect Numbers Sheet >          Coloring Page >           Painting With Nature Activity     
Elementary :          Grid >       Verse Decoder >        Word Search >       Family Game Night >