If you have a deep desire to grow in your faith and find yourself looking for more, then perhaps a Circle is right for you. Circles match you with a mentor for a discipleship experience meant to ignite your faith and equip you into Christ-centeredness. Participants in a Circle are called "learners."

A mentor will lead you through the book, Discipleship Essentials, by Greg Ogden, a 25 lesson curriculum designed for mentoring discipleship groups. While we expect mentoring relationships to be long-lasting, the Circles program will follow a "catch and release" model that formally ends the program within 8 months. This promotes personal responsibility for a learner's discipleship journey, limits any codependence between mentor and learner, and encourages learners to become future mentors themselves. Done well, we expect that mentoring Circles will have an exponential effect on discipleship at Friends Church as they complement other gatherings in our discipleship pathway.

The Circles program consists of 25 lessons that are sectioned in 4 parts:  Growing Up in Christ, Understanding the Message of Christ, Becoming Like Christ, and Serving Christ. While the general expectation is for the Circle meetings to take place weekly, participants have a total of 8 months to complete the program.  

Circle meeting dates, times, and places are arranged by the mentor, and each meeting will last approximately 90 minutes.

Contact  if you are interested in becoming a "learner" and a pastor will contact you to match you with a mentor.