A variety of small groups are offered at Friends Church that are tailor-made for women in various stages of life. Check out Group Life at Friends Church and you'll find a number of groups specifically for women. Also, follow the Friends Church Women's Ministry Facebook page to connect with other women in the church and get event updates.


  • Get to know other women:
    • Friends Women at Panera - Currently not meeting
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  • Currently Not Meeting--However, join us in Group Life
    Mastering Motherhood+
    Mastering Motherhood+ welcomes not just moms of preschoolers, but moms of elementary children, high school students, moms raising their grandchildren, and even those with no children who just find Thursdays a convenient time for a parenting or bible study. Each week the ladies come together as a large group for brunch and devotions after which they break off into smaller group studies. The studies range in topics from parenting to deep Bible studies. Several of the studies don't build upon the previous week's discussion so you can join at any time!
    • When:  Thursdays from 9:15 am to 11:30 am
    • Where:  Room 227
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    • Childcare:
      • Your child will need to be registered on their first day. If your child has never participated in Friends Church childcare before you can speed up the registration process by completing the "Easy Check-In" forms found here.
      • Cost: $3 if no preschool children coming with you or $5 if 1 or more preschool children in childcare (per household.)
      • Online Payment (alternatively, you can pay in person)
    • Interested in attending? Email and request to be put on the Mastering Motherhood+ email list, or follow the Friends Church Women's Ministry Facebook page to learn about summer events and get Mastering Motherhood+ updates.
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