Safety and Security

The safety and security of your child is our highest priority! We have taken bold steps to protect them and prevent harm from coming to them.

Background Check Application

All volunteers who work with children, youth or handicapped adults (as well as staff and others who may come in contact with them) are required to submit this Background Check Application.  If you would like to learn more about the Background Check service we use, click HERE.

Safety and Security Online Training

Please be sure to select the correct training from the three available. If you are uncertain as to what training you need to take, email and she will assist you.

  • FIRST TIME VOLUNTEER:  Anyone who is committing to work with children, youth, and handicapped adults ongoingly at Friends Church must take this online training.
  • RETURNING VOLUNTEER:  In 2021, everyone serving with children, youth and handicapped adults at Friends Church, are asked to take this short COVID-19 Training course.
  • SHORT TERM VOLUNTEER This is for Upward Sports coaches and referees and/or Alive Festival chaperones who will only be serving for a short period of time

Check-in / Check-out Procedure

We ask guests to stop at our Children’s Welcome Desk to get signed in and receive their security stickers. Children should be dropped off and picked up at their classroom by an adult with the corresponding security tag. (You must have your half of the sticker for picking up your child.)

Medical and Allergy Needs

All important allergy, medical, and security information is communicated to the teachers weekly through the child’s name tag and our Check In system.

Instant Communication

Parents of babies and preschoolers are given a vibrating pager so they may be reached at a moment’s notice throughout the building if or when needed.

Media Release Opt-Out form

Parents or guardians who do not wish their child’s photo or video to be potentially posted online or otherwise displayed should complete this Media Release Opt-Out Form. We will make every effort to exclude the indicated minor from any individual or small group photography as per our GR: 117 Photography Policy.