TRUTH that Measures

Each day we interact with an astounding number of measuring devices, but when it comes to our spiritual health only one ruler really matters: Truth as revealed in the Bible and experienced through the Spirit. We are resolutely committed to both.

FAITH that Transforms

Faith isn't simply believing that something is true. True faith = radical transformation. We believe that authentic faith leads to powerful transformation within and without... and that is the primary goal of all we do.

SERVICE that Impacts

The Kingdom of God is an upside-down kingdom where the last are first and the first are last... a type of servanthood that doesn’t come naturally. Thus, we rely on the super-natural power of God to meet the needs of others both in our backyards and across the globe.

LOVE that accepts

We live in a time when love—true love— has all but been lost. Christ modeled a kind of extravagant love that seemed almost scandalous in his day. We seek to be known as the most loving group of Christians around and will find ways to surprise our community by the love of Christ.


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